FPGA-Based Quadrature Mirror Filters for DSP Applications

  • Ali Al-Haj
  • Published 2007 in 2007 Third International IEEE Conference on Signal-Image Technologies and Internet-Based System


One of the most efficient multi-rate digital signal decomposition structures is the quadrature mirror filter (QMF) bank.It has been used successfully to implement subband coding applications such as speech coding and image compression. In this paper, we report on several efficient FPGA-based implementations of the basic quadrature mirror filter bank. The implementations are based on transforming the basic filter bank structure using ployphase decomposition and distributed arithmetic techniques. The two techniques reduce computational time dramatically by enabling maximum exploitation of the ample parallelism inherent in the filter bank. Performance results demonstrate the effectiveness of FPGA implementations of ployphase and distributed arithmetic quadrature mirror filter bank.


28 Figures and Tables

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